E-Cigarettes Offer a Better Experience for Smokers

While once the concept was obscure the e-cigarette in Australia has become a common sight. People are using these devices rather than lighting up the older version almost everywhere. The reason isn’t simply the convenience of using a device that doesn’t emit smoke. It has as many users have reported made “smoking” fun again. For any tired of the trips to the edge of a property for a smoke, the fun of having this alternative only starts with being able to use anywhere.

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A Piece of the Future

Not everything science fiction promised about living in the 2000’s came true. The flying car and the holiday trips to the Moon never happened, but it’s possible to have an electronic alternative to smoking that would have seemed impossible even a few years ago. The e-cig in Australia offer the benefit of being small, portable, and battery operated. There’s no need for a lighter, or matches. Users also find they have more choices in blends, quality, and flavors of e-liquid than they ever had with simple cigarettes.


Choosing The Strength

Selecting a new brand of cigarettes was always risky. The first puff would always indicate if the nicotine was too strong, or the tobacco didn’t taste right. Unfortunately that first puff came at the cost of the entire pack. It’s easier to tell exactly what the buyer will get when they elect to buy an e-liquid with nicotine. The strength is listed on most of these products allowing the buyer to make a more informed choice. Taste is usually described too, whether it is a blend of tobacco flavor with a smoky quality, or any number of flavors. Those using this option have a better idea of what they getting so trying different brands to find a favorite is a simpler process.


The Feeling of Smoking


While it might seem like a dream to someone who has smoked for years the soft puff of vapor feels much like smoking, but there’s no arid smoke getting in the eyes, or assaulting the noise. The feeling of the vapor hit the back of the throat is much like smoking, and there’s the immediate feeling of having the nicotine boost. What’s missing is watching out for hot ash dropping on the clothing, or having to keep an eye out for how fast the cigarette is burning. No burnt fingers, and no more smell of smoke is like a dream come true in that the “smoker” still has the feeling of having had a cigarette.


Without Arid Smoke

Since there’s no arid smoke there’s also no coughing. The strong puff doesn’t end with a bout of choking so it’s possible to have a few puffs and still make a meeting, or go visit friends without any tale-telling cough or odor associated with smoking a cigarette. The only odor that most people detect coming from the device is typically hard to define, but isn’t considered unpleasant by those nearby the person using the device.


Top tips about electronic cigarettes

7 top tips to keep your cartomizer in great working order

If you want your new e-cigarette to perform at its best, then it is important to look after the cartomizer. A cartomizer contains an atomizer (the part of the e-cigarette which heats the vapour) and a cartridge (the part which contains the vapour liquid) in one unit and this connects to the battery. There are a number of things you can do to care for your cartomizer, to ensure it continues to perform well. Below we have complied 7 top tips to help you to keep your cartomizer in great working order:

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1. Use your cartomizer in the right way

If you want your cartomizer to last then it is important use it in the correct way. Follow the instructions in the manual and do not misuse it - for example, do not attempt to blow into it as this may damage it.


2. Store your cartomizer in a suitable place

When you are not using your e-cigarette, it is a good idea to unscrew the cartomizer from the battery and place it in a suitable storage container. It is best to store your cartomizers in a horizontal position in order to prevent the vapour liquid settling on one side.


3. Keep your stored cartomizers in a dry and fresh environment

Store your unused cartomizers in a dry place that isn't too hot; if your home is very warm then it is best to keep them in the door of your refrigerator. To ensure freshness, it is advisable to use your cartomizers within a week of opening them. For cartomizers that aren't yet in use keep them in a sealed container, as exposure to the air can destroy the flavour over time.


4. Let your cartomizer warm up before using it

It is best to let your cartomizer warm up for at about 30 minutes to room temperature before using it. This is especially important if you have been storing your e-cigarettes in the refrigerator. Using a cold cartomizer may damage the e-cigarette batteries.


5. To prolong the life of your cartomizer, smoke your e-cigarette in the right way

To prolong the life of your cartomizer try to take shorter inhales when e-smoking. Doing this will use less liquid vapour and will mean the cartomizer is being used more efficiently. Be aware of how much of liquid vapour you are using, remember that the more puffs you take, the more you are using; approximately 12 puffs is equivalent to a cigarette. As well as this, do not leave the cartomizer in your mouth when exhaling as breathing out may cause the liquid to be pushed from the cartomizer onto the battery and will also allow moisture to saturate the battery and this could damage it.


6. Stop using the cartomizer if you experience a 'burnt' taste

Stop using the cartomizer if you experience a burnt taste as this is an indication that the cartomizer has reached the end of its life. It is impossible to see if the cartomizer is empty; the only way of knowing is less vapour production and a burnt taste.


7. Change cartomizers if necessary

If you are taking a large number of puffs at once, then it is best to alternative cartomizers to allow the liquid contained inside them to disperse evenly.

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